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Welcome to

Eagle Mart Stores

We now have 4 locations to serve you. Most of our stores serve 100% Ethanol Free Gas. We believe in only providing the highest quality products for our customers.



We Have 4 Locations to Serve You

Eagle Mart #2

Columbia, NC

811 Scuppernong Dr.
Columbia, NC 27925
(252) 796-0009

eagle Mart #3

Elizabeth City, NC

1542 Weeksville Rd.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Eagle Mart #4

Elizabeth City, NC

1900 N Road St. (no grill)
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
(252) 335-5608

Eagle Mart #5

Elizabeth City, NC

444 S. Hughes Blvd.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
(252) 621-1114

We are a North Carolina based company


Years in business


Locations to Serve


Ethanol Free Gas
(at most locations)

We are your one stop shop!

We carry 100% ETHANOL FREE Gas in all grades at most locations.

Our ethanol free gas comes in regular, mid-grade and premium. We also sell diesel.

We have a full grill menu that serves made to order breakfast with biscuits, bagels and croissants. Our lunch items include pizza, sandwiches, barbecue, subs with call ahead ordering.

We stock a large selection of beer, wine and seasonal craft beers.

Why choose us


Grill Items


Breakfast Menu



Lunch Menu



Pizza & Hotdogs






Cold Drinks



Craft Beer & Wine



Sodas, Snacks, & Candy

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